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Posted by JellyBeanJuice - September 22nd, 2020

So I disappeared due to financial reason and a bunch of personal drama. Long story short I was unemployed and depressed. However now I have a job and want to be able to create more content for you guys. However due to my job hours that will be on a half time basis. I'm also adding a new goal for the page, and that goal is to grow it to 200 fans. With that 200 I can start a patreon and create content more frequently and possibly full time.

Speaking of Content, I have plans on buying a 3D printer. Which I can use for the physical merch like "LEWD figures" of characters and even custom order figures of OC's.

My work hours aren't ideal however. I work Friday through Monday, and am only off for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So I hired one of my buddies as a page secretary of sorts. She'll monitor the page during the days I work to keep up with page chatter. So during the weekend anything I can't read she'll relay it to me.

Again, I want to double my efforts to give you all the content you followed me for. All 41 of you deserve better, so I'll be working on being better.

do expect the first new upload later this evening of me posting this news feed. I'll on on until friday afternoon so please don't be shy on comments.


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I'm glad you're cumming back, babe!~ :D

Man I thought I just scared you off with my chatting I didn't know about that glad your back and can't wait to help you out! I'm not working much but I'll help were I can your art was so good!